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We get it. You’ve got a company to run. But your days are filled with things like managing employee turnover and trying to implement organizational changes. Most of your effort is put into troubleshooting recurring employee problems rather than doing what you know best: running your company.

At Terch and Associates, our team of human resources experts specialize in understanding and solving these problems. We get to know your company as people, interpret your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and properly diagnose the problem your company is experiencing.

We’ve provided human resource expertise to hundreds of organizations in Duluth, MN and across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, solving problems in the following areas: CorHR™ Consulting, Compensation Planning, Recruitment, Conflict Resolution, Investigations, and Employee and Union Relations. Our portfolio, knowledge and extensive experience allows our team to approach, diagnose and provide solutions for any human resources problem you may have.

Make your workplace thrive with Terch and Associates by your side.

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